I always say there is nothing in nature more impressive than a volcano, and Indonesia is the place to experience it.
Mount Bromo (known as Gunung Bromo in the local language of Bahasa) is an active volcano which is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. If you are wondering what the term ‘Bromo’ means you are correct if you guessed it held some great significance. It is derived from the Javanese pronunciation of ‘Brahma’, which is the Hindu creator god.
At 3:30 am we were on a jeep crossing the 'Sea of Sand' completely blind in a foggy and pitch black night. Less than one hour later, we were ready to see the sunrise with Mount Bromo in the background from a viewpoint in Mount Penanjakan. It was definitely one of the most impressive views I have seen in my entire life.
Once it got bright, we went down the mount, crossed the 'Sea of Sand' again along with another dozen jeeps and hiked up to the crater that we were contemplating from the distance before. I have to say it is quite imposing to look down the crater of an active volcano and see smoke coming out of it.
East Java, Indonesia.
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