​​​​​​​Who I am
Even though I am a civil engineer by training, my passion for travelling was what made me go deep into filmmaking and photography.  Engineering, besides giving me many useful tools and training me as a person and a professional, made me mature and reconsider what I really wanted for myself. After working many years in the corporate world, I realised it just wasn’t for me. In that way I made up my mind to pursue this new profession that truly inspires me.
I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia but I also had the chance to live in many different places such as; Buenos Aires (Argentina), Serbia, Italy, Gold Coast (Australia) and Cairns (Australia).
What I do
I specialise in creating documentary and commercial content, both as a director and cinematographer.
From the creation of the idea and pre-production, to full production and post-production, I help my clients to tell their stories in a very unique and personal way. Emotional appeal is the best way to connect with people, and stories are the most powerful method of doing so.
Commercial, Documentary, Travel, Outdoor & Adventure.