Filmmaker | Photographer
based in Australia | available worldwide

Who I am
Even though I am a civil engineer by training, my passion for travelling was what made me go deep into filmmaking and photography.  Engineering, besides giving me many useful tools and training me as a person and a professional, made me mature and reconsider what I really wanted for myself. After working many years in engineering companies, I realised it just wasn’t for me. In that way I made up my mind to pursue this new profession that truly inspires me.
I am currently living in Gold Coast, Australia, but I have also lived in many cities around the world such as: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mar del Plata (Argentina), Belgrade (Serbia), Italy, Melbourne (Australia) and Cairns (Australia).
In regards to my work, my goal is always to evoke a desired feeling to the viewers through a good story. Whether it is a local business or a recognised brand, every story deserves to be told and every place deserves to be seen, and that is what inspires me to keep creating more and better content.
If I had to describe myself, I believe my strengths are determination, organisation, an eye for detail and a well-balanced profile; creative mind and professionalism
What I do
I specialise in the creation of tailored content for social media in the different formats these platforms require. By continually updating my knowledge in the audio-visual sphere and using an evolving approach to communication strategies, I have acquired the tools to appreciate and master the changes that have radically overhauled the way we consume information. Today, as well as creating videos and stills, I also provide comprehensive project guidance to promote your content in line with your communication strategy, from ideas right through to publishing.